Contests & Leaderboard


1st Place:    Valerio Fioretti
2nd Place:   IMW Enterprises
3rd Place:   John & Dave
4th Place:   Paul Counts
5th Place:   Cindy Battye
6th Place:   Ron Passaro
7th Place:   TimTech
8th Place:   Stephen Luc
9th Place:   Steve Rosenbaum
10th Place: Jordan Boctor

Many thanks to everyone who promoted Landing Page Monkey during this mini contest run (Jan 25th – 31st)! Winners of any prizes please click here to contact us for your LPM contest prize delivery.

This is an evergreen product that sells steady everyday so keep this in all your autoresponder follow ups, recommended resources areas, inside membership areas, on your blogs and anywhere else you can send qualified traffic to.

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Important Details:  Leader-board and contest ranking was based on most front end sales (combined annual + lifetime) during the contest period (Jan 25th - 31st). Minimum 50 front end sales was required for cash prize payouts. Minimum 25 front end sales was required for Commission Gorilla add on packages. Minimum 10 front end sales was required for a $50 gift certificate to (Promotion/Contest Teams were allowed but teams must have advised prior to contest start time.)